Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

We spent the weekend over at Anderson Island to visit with Grandpa Hawk, take in the serene slowed down life it the island has to offer, enjoy some local sites and play in the water. Saturday afternoon we headed over to the island farm to explore. While there Holly enjoyed a grass maze, which was perfect height for her to venture out into and have some fun. We checked out a bunch of old farm buildings and rusty ol' equipment, took a small nature trail to see the few ponds on the property and checked out the chickens and gardens. Sunday morning we started out morning out at the island fire station pancake breakfast. This is a nice little community event with pretty good pancakes, you get to eat breakfast inside the fire station, see all the cool equipment, meet fire men, and best of all - personalized tours of the fire engines.... can't beat that! Only in a small town!
Holly also spent a long time out enjoying her new sprinkler toy. The sun was just warm enough to truly enjoy some early season water play. The afternoon was filled with Daddy, Grandpa Hawk and me attempting to get Holly wet... not sure who won that one. But we all had a nice time and I picked up some great shots of Holly enjoying the water.
The weekend was finished with a special dessert and drink down at the restaurant and some quick fishing on the dock! A wonderful, fun filled weekend 'for sure, for sure'!!!

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