Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Daddy!!! It's been a long time coming in Bryan's eyes I am sure... when will she be a Daddy's Girl? Well, I would officially declare that time has arrived. The sun rises and sets in Daddy's eyes now. When he is home she wants to play with him or be with him non stop, even if it just a trip to the ol' Home Depot. When he leaves for work she gives him some good love & advice about his day... every day! "Have a good day Daddy. Be careful Daddy. Drive Safely. I love you!" It is rather cute!

During the day it is also all about Daddy! She mentions several time a day how much she misses Daddy and then tells me "I really miss my Daddy. Don't you Mommy?" As well, he is pretend playing with us a lot now, we talk about him a lot and she even plans out what she 'wants' to do wtih Daddy when he gets home.

So, Daddy... I think your day has come! She is a Daddy's Girl! Enjoy it, savor it and soak up those tender & fun moments - they are going to go fast! Slow down and let each day just offer up what it will offer you & Holly, have no regrets and cherish it!

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