Sunday, August 3, 2008

Roller Coaster & Ferris Wheels

I am so bummed - I forgot my camera!

We headed down the Thurston County Fair to see Skip, Nancy & Blayne. Blayne shows and competes horses with 4-H and originally she was scheduled to perform today. So, we planned to head down and watch - her division was moved to last Wednesday... but we still went down anyways to see others perform, visit and enjoy the fair!

Most of you know we live about a moment from the state fair grounds and drive by them what seems daily. Every time we do Holly points it out and asks when we are going to go? Which I am sure every child in our town does to their parents! As well, Holly tells me that this year Daddy is taking her on the big roller coaster & ferris wheel. Well, she is still too little for the roller coaster - but the ferris wheel was on the plan for the fair this fall.

Today at this small fair they had a handful of rides... and wouldn't you know a kids roller coaster and a big ol' ferris wheel. We did a fair ride band to ride as much as she'd like and ride she did! She hit them all, including the ferris wheel & roller coaster.... I watched - *camera-less*!!! Wah! I was so bummed as I really wanted to get some shots of her on these rides she had been really wanting to enjoy. I just didn't think in my mind we would encounter that today - little did I think I guess! Oh well - she had fun and that is what counts!

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