Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soccer Fun

Holly will be starting a tot-soccer program in a few weeks with a dear friend of hers and she is just exstatic about it!!! Sometimes she talks about soccer, sits and thinks about soccer and ask many questions on the subject of soccer.... to a mom who has never played soccer a day in her life! I have a lot to learn!

But, to capture that full enthusiasm we are breaking her in with a new soccer ball, shoes and some soccer fun in the yard. Today we played for a long time together kicking the ball around and she *loved* every moment of it!!! It really wore her out too... the best part! The worst part she had so much fun today that she asked if we start soccer tomorrow ~ nope, not until the end of September. What to do till then?
Here are some cute shots of her playing with her new ball & shoes:

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