Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ohanapecosh Hot Springs

At Ohanapecosh they have some natural hot springs. Years ago, as in the 20's, there were cabins and a retreat like lodge built up there for folks to come and enjoy these hot springs. This all eventlually closed due to lack of funding. In the 60's they removed all the cabins and lodge and are now in the process of restoring them.

This was my first time seeing a hot spring. They were kind of cool and incredibly natural - not sure what I was expecting, but these were much more 'natural' than I was imagining. The colors from all the iron, minerals and such were actually quiet pretty.
We took this little walk back with the Gratzer family. The kids had a great time! They discovered a big rock to climb & slide on, did lot's or running ahead to be the 'leader' of our walk and dipped their fingers in the hot springs... which are just as warm as their baths! :)

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