Friday, August 29, 2008

The Garden is Growing... or is it?

We planted a vegetable garden for the second time. Last year we had pretty good success for newbies - lot's of corn, tons & tons of tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, radishes, basil and carrots. This year... not much of anything has grown! It is quiet a dissapointment really! Just a few tomatoes over all, our zuccini keeps dying off, no strawberries to speak of, the green beans are gone - I even planted them again for a second attempt, no radishes, no carrots and we'll see about the corn. It is kinda cute though, we have some straggler tomatoes that grew from last year scattered about our garden area in odd places -- pretty hearty little guys!

We didn't do anything differently, except a small layout change due to planth growth - a learning curve. But, the weather isn't great this time around with a late frost season, little sun and colder temps. Also, the bees... they are just not around. It's quiet sad actually, as we do have lot's of bees around our area - we even have two neighbors with hives. But, not many around to do the job of polinating. Even our cherry trees were pretty dismal this season. Our apples though... are crazy this year!

We'll give next year another attempt and hope for better results, but this season - we are pretty bummed! Oh well, live & learn.


sarahlee13 said...

Oh the hot weather is terrible here! It is amazing to watch the plants, when the weather gets up really high they get all droopy and sad looking. Then we water them over night while its cool so when I'm leaving for work they are all perky looking again. Only to come home after work to see them all droopy again from the heat!

Kristin said...

Love the photos!!!

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