Monday, August 4, 2008

"Blog That" Bryan Says...

Our neighbors moved last month while we were camping. We came home to new ones.

I am rather sad - as even though our neighbors weren't home much, they were very enjoyable! Bryan in particular really hit it off with them - the guys went out for beers, we hung out and talked and we visited a lot at night over a fire pit, good beer & wine and lots of laughs! What was really nice, it was almost always spontanious! And, their dog - Sasha - was wonderfully energetic, but sweet. She has actually spent much time with us since our yards seem to merge into one big space. I leave our french doors open often during the day and she would always come in and visit, lay with Holly and say hi. It was nice - she *really* grew on me (and made me want a dog)!!! So, when they broke the news they were moving... we were sad to say the least!

So, we returned from a long camping trip to new neighbors. Now - while I meant to get over their soon to welcome them... I didn't! I watched the house as I would come and go to see if I could tell people were home. And, it never seemed they were. The couple times we were all home as a family, there would be no cars over. I never made it over there to welcome them.

This past weekend their little girl was out riding her bike up and down the drive way, obviously looking to get Holly's attention. Up and down, stop - pause - wait... repeat! It took a bit until Bryan caught on (with my nudging) and took Holly over to introduce them. She is quiet a bit older than Holly, but seems like a sweet girl. I went out to meet her as well and was greeted by her & her parents... with a gift basket for us! WHAT??? That is not how it is supposed to work!

Turns out he too is a homebrewer and a ship wright. He passed on some bottles of home made meade, some snacks and the such. Very nice!!! And, talked shop on boat building -as we built our own kayak and are planning to start another boat soon. Lots to talk about.

But, now... I feel like a big turd for not greeting them better! They beat us to the punch ~ what a crummy neighbor I am :( So, Bryan razzed me and jokingly said "Blog That"! So, here I am... blogging my crummy neighbor story! Moral of the story... don't be the shy one (raising hand) and knock on the door, bring a basket of cookies and say hi -- before they completely unpack, get settled and grow gray hairs waiting! LOL!

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