Monday, August 11, 2008

Lesson in Lucky Charms

We had a special treat of Lucky Charms cereal at home this week -- Holly's first time really getting to enjoy these treats! She of course loved them! The first time or two she had a bowl I noticed how she intently chose to eat all the marshmallows out first. This took a lot of work on her part. By the final time she had some Lucky Charms she again worked hard to get all those sweet marshmallows out and then sighed about how she had no more left, asking for more.

This was a great little lesson, one I am sure we have all encountered, but we talked about spreading the marshmallow love throughout your whole cereal experience. Not to pick them all out first and then trudge your way through the remaining oat cereal. A lesson in patience.

She thought for a bit after our talk and then later told me... "I shouldn't eat Lucky Charms". I asked her why and she said, "It's too hard to not eat all the marshmallows first! I have no patience!" LOL!!! What a lesson!!! Such a grown up statement from a small little kiddo - one that sometimes we all need to apply to life. Even though the marshmallows are wonderful and she wanted to eat them all up, she recognized that she isn't ready! Wow!

Hmm.... what can *I* apply this too now?

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