Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing... Kayak #2

In 2004 we purchased our kayak kits (Pygmy Arctic Terns)... it took us until 2005 to finish building our first kayak due to the arrival of little Holly. The second kit sat and sat. Hawk (Bryan's Dad) then started building the second boat... with the intent he would use it. He did a beautiful job building it and I think he had fun too! After he was about done he informed us that he in fact did not want to use it for kayaking as it was of no interest to him. He passed the kayak back on to us... this weekend!!! THANK YOU HAWK!

I still can't believe we now have both kayak's back in our little world and that we will actually get to kayak TOGETHER!!! For so long we have taken turns in our little trips out & about until yesterday! Sunday August 23rd we set out on our first joint kayak excursion after a fun little boat christening. Bryan & I finally were able to enjoy one of our hobbies *together*!

This weekend was spent getting outfitted for our second kayak with new pfd's, a new paddle, car mount rack and more... all of that took a lot of time to gather the right stuff! Then we headed on over to see the finished kayak, admire it, photograph the boat more than necessary and welcome it to the water! When we finished out original boat we had not done this becuase we orignally wanted to wait for both, so yesterday we took care of that! Here are some great shots of our kayaks... they are beautiful!!!
Hawk & the kayak he built!

All loaded and heading over to the lake!

Aren't they pretty?

Something to welcome them with & toast with... note "Liberty Ale", Bryan's choice.

Hawk with his beautifully built boat! After a good speech!

We too welcome our beautiful boat to the water!

And.... off we go! A long time in the making - but, oh so worth it!

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Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Beautiful kayaks and I am sure you get so much enjoyment out of them.