Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It has been a busy week or two -- getting ready for a long camping trip, finishing up errands, fulfilling our already busy schedule and then finally... relaxing while camping at Ohanapecosh! This was our first time ever camping here and we liked it so much I think we plan to return next year - if not for the long trip with everyone, then for a long trip by ourselves at least!

Each year we do a 5 day camping trip with lot's of folks - family & family friends. We invite all those we would enjoy camping with and then spend the week exploring the forest, swimming, playing and visiting. It has become a favorite little tradition of ours, one I really look forward to each year.
Ohanapecosh is located in Mount Rainier National Park, the south eastern entrance. It is a beautiful forest, clean camp facilities and wonderful nature programs to enjoy.

I of course, took a *ton* of photos... and I mean a ton! I will break them up into a few different posts for ease of loading and reading. I'll start with our camp ground area. Our particular site overlooked the Ohanapecosh river and an amazing natural landside that literally wiped out the side of the hill down into the river and the adjacent camping loop. It may not look like much in the photos - but really, it was quiet amazing! (Interestingly enough, I never took an actualy photo of just the slide... what was I thinking?) What a neat view. I think at some point we all tried imagining what it might have sounded like, looked like and felt like when it happened. I can't even imagine!
One morning Bryan, Holly & I got up a bit early and headed out on a trail to see Silver Falls. This was Holly's longest hike to date - a bit over 2.5 miles long.... and a lot of this was up hill so probably very up hill to her! She did wonderful and had a lot of fun! We encountered lots of small streams, mini falls, deer scat but no deer and watched some woodpeckers in the forest canopy.
A very nice time!!!
Look how itty bitty Holly looks in the forest... so small! Silver Falls

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