Sunday, August 3, 2008

Northwest Trek & Making Ice Cream

Saturday was a very fun day - we had Grandpa Hawk over and headed on out to Northwest Trek for a morning of animals! If you haven't been - this is a great park, very natural, an open range area you take a tram through to see animals and nature paths galore! It is a fun way to spend the morning. Well, Saturday was a nice cool, over cast morning and I swear animals love it way more when it is cool & overcast. They tend to be a lot more active. We took the tram and saw everything out there - three moose, bison galore, mountain goats, big horn sheep, huge elk and so on! We enjoyed a picnic lunch and a long walk through the park too!

That night we came home to BBQ dinner and visit. For dessert... home made vanilla ice cream! We broke out Holly's ice cream ball and worked together to make vanilla ice cream! It was awesome! If you don't already own an ice cream ball OR if you are ever looking for a cool gift idea for just about any age... an ice cream ball is wonderful! I highly recommend it! And, homemade ice cream truly beats anything you can buy at the store, it's easy, quick & fun!

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