Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Girl Play

Holly has really started to blossom in her play, particularly independent play. She used to site and do a puzzle alone or play a game or do art. Mainly though, she wants a partner in crime to play with. However, lately I have seen her sneaking off and enjoying more alone time. She is singing contently in her room while she plays with her Little Pet Shop critters - arranging away, making adjustments and then breaking song to have them talk to each other. So darn cute!

I have to admit it is nice to see! She has a ton of time with her friends. We have a wonderful playgroup whom we meet with weekly, friends we see at various activities and make play dates for her to enjoy. Socially, she is great! But, sometime at home it is hard on her. Hard for her to understand she needs to have some alone time for her imagination to grow. So, to see her blossoming lately in alone play makes my heart smile because I know she is maturing some.... which makes me sad all at the same time! LOL! Oh well, off I go to sneak an earful of her sweet song to the Little Pet Shops!

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sarahlee13 said...

Oh this is wonderful! And without being too sneaky, or as they get more used to playing alone in front of people creating their own world it is sooo funny to see what things they say and do and come up with during their play! You can learn a lot about their personalities by watching them when they think no one is watching or just forget someone is!

Alex is funny because even though he has a rug with streets on it, he will pull down/out our belts and lay them flat out and vroooom his cars up and down them like real blacktop streets!

And one of my favorite sneak ups was when Echo was younger and she created a whole drum set out of her different toys and was banging away and rocking out on them! She was having so much fun and making so much noise she didn't hear me come up and stand in the door watching her and taking pictures until I called out her name to get a pix of her looking at me!

Yay for Holly!