Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beluga Whales

It's been busy around here -- Last weekend we had company in town which kept our schedules very full. We took in as much of our seasonal sun as we could enjoying dinners outside, eating out, going for a walk, visiting Anderson Island and the local zoo! Holly and I visit the zoo quiet often, our membership is well loved in this house! Many times we go though we tend to just hit the newer side of th zoo, play and head home. It's rare we see the other half and all it offers. Our guest in town enjoys sealife and especially whales -- so, our whole goal was to see these sorts of animals and the aquarium. It was such a treat!
The walruses were very active and fun, the sea otters were being fed and the puffins were being fed and super playful! It was wonderful! The best part though was the beluga whales!!! There are two of them and they were incredibly playful... incredibly! They were fun to view from above but when we slipped down below to the viewing window they came right over to where we were and began playing with some toys they had - right in front of us! It was amazing to see them so up close and having a good time! Holly was in awe to put it simple. We hung out there for about half an hour to enjoy them, take in their beauty and treasure the moment!

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