Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jumping Jack Trailer

Lot's of people ask us about our camping trailer, the Jumping Jack. It is kind of different, fun and conversative. I like it because it is still kind of traditional camping with a bit more conveniences. We try to describe it to folks as "Well, it is a tent on a trailer - not a pop-up tent and not a traditional tent for the ground, but just a tent on a utility like trailer." <-- That description is somewhat confusing though! We took the Jumping Jack out camping this past weekend and fielded a few campers questions and even gave a brief tour to one family. Not uncommon at all to give tours while camping... after a day or two though I make Bryan let me clean it up some first!
The Jumping Jack is awesome! It has a double bed and a single bed, a tables and storage under the double bed. Loads of windows, very durable, lantern post, a kitchen unit that holds our stove and has a water & sink set up. We have a front little deck area to hold our drawers of supplies and a cooler as well another cooler rack (keeping them off the ground). And, it has a huge full table set up that is perfect for your supplies and cooking!
So, I thought I'd share a bit of what our Jumping Jack looks like ~ Enjoy!
Bryan is cooking at the stove here, hence blocking the kitchen/stove set up.
This is the double bed side.
This is the single bed side. This is the table and some storage caddies hanging. We usually do lot's more storage ideas for longer trips. Stuff fits under the table with lot's of room to spare and under the double bed.
And a side view showing how it is off the ground... keeping your sleeping arrangements a bit warmer and more comfortable.


Elizabeth said...

That looks like a fun way to camp! Now I want one. :)

ron said...

Hi! My name is Ron and I live in Eugene, Oregon. We recently discovered the Jumping Jack trailer and are excited about possibly buying one. I found your blogspot while looking for more info on the trailer and I really must congratulate you. Wonderful family, great lifestyle - it is encouraging to see folks doing so well. I have a bunch of practical trailer questions for you and I am wondering if I might talk to you by phone or correspond by email? Thanks! Ron

Anonymous said...

we just got a new jumping jack an we are going camping this week thankyou

lisa_westlund@msn.com said...

My former partner and I had a Jumping Jack. I'm looking at getting another because I really liked the ease of set up and the fact you could hear the crickets.

Wanted to let you know that I really liked the caddy idea. Looks like you used the hanging shoe caddy and are holding it up with a broom handle. Ingenious!

Robin Leahy said...

You have some really cute colorful duffle/storage bags and I am searching for just something like that! Any chance you know the brand or where you purchased them? Thanks!