Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camping at Kanaskat Palmer State Park

This past weekend we headed out of town with some family friends and went camping at Kanaskat Palmer State Park. This park is really nice because it is not too far from home, but you still feel like you are out of town! It is a pretty park too. It would even make a fun day time trip for some river play and day walks. The weather was amazing (maybe a bit too hot being in the 90's) and the company was wonderful! I think everyone had a very nice time together!
We spent some time at camp just visiting together and took a few walks to see the Green River - pretty littls spots along the way. This river had some nice little places for the kids to safely explore and play. Much time was spent tossing rocks, skipping rocks (modeled well by Rod), searching for little critters like fish, bugs and crayfish and splashing around. A couple of good water/splash fights were underway and fun was had by all.

Here are some fun photos of the weekend:

Holly & Bryan roasting a marshmallow.

The Green River

Our Camping Cuties!Catching a crayfish... Bryan was a bit scared to pick it up -- it might pinch, ha!

A little rock tossing in the river.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh you guys looked like you had a BLAST!!! my kids LOVE to crayfish.. along with my hubby!! and then they EAT them.. BLUCK!! LOL LOL