Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holly's First Bike

After a good couple years on her tricycle Holly has upgraded to a big girl bicycle! She has out grown the other and is ready to learn the new skill of a two wheeler. We have kind of looked around the past few weeks, nothing to serious though. But, after being out and about a few times lately with her trike we realized it is time to make the move. So, off to Toys R Us we headed -- they conveniently had a good sale on some bikes this week!
Last night we let Holly look through them and try a few out. We finally narrowed our choice down to a small Huffy that is ALL girl ~ complete with Disney Princess, glittery streamers, *butterflies*, purple & pink galore. She is in love!

We waited until this evening to have her & Daddy put it together as a team... that was a *very* long wait for a certian three year old! But, she made it and helped as best she could. Together they did a very good job! Check it our for yourself:

Unpacking it and looking over the directions

Building her bike with Daddy

Holly loves all these litte butterfly details!

Cute itty, bitty training wheels!!! Awe...

Here she is... our newest little biker in the family!

Learning with Daddy... this is much harder than she thought!


Totallyscrappy said...

All those butterfly details are really sweet! Enjoy...

We are Family! said...

How Cute!!! She is really growing up! It happens so fast!