Friday, June 20, 2008

That Went Fast!

I joined Mom's Club when Holly was born. Being a new mom that was staying home and a pretty social person... I needed something to fulfill that. This club was my source. I started out in the Tacoma club when we lived out that way, but their club was not very active or consistent - not my style. When we started talking about moving to Puyallup, I looked into the club out here and heard that they were very active - so, I was thrilled!

I checked the club out and joined. And, in my fashion... jumped in with both feet! I figure in life -- you are going to get out of it what you put in it! So, in I went and I gained a lot! My first year went really well - so well, I decided to become president the second year. That year has flown by, even when it was a bit hard or time consuming - it still flew by! I have had a lot of fun and have learned loads on non-profit organizations, so it was educational in many ways! But mostly, I have made some great friendships!

Becoming a mom and leaving work - is hard! The idea sounds great... but, it is hard! Your entire social circle called 'work' fades fast. You can hang on for a bit, but not long. People change, your interests change, your schedules change... it all changes! So, finding a group of other women who also are leading the same lifestyle really helps the transition.

In my case, I met a great group of women and have made some very good friendships -- for both Holly & I! Of course, doing this kind of 'club' takes work... just like any other side of your life. You have to get out, talk with others, meet up, be consistent, put yourself out there, take a chance and open up - just like your previous life of work - the place you went daily, talked with daily, etc. That is the key! I meet moms who like the idea of the club - but don't really join in. Instead they make the occasional appearance and wonder why it's just not the same for them. For some, it eventually sinks in to join in the fun versus sitting by and wishing they had later on.

I am glad I jumped in with both feet! It's been a very rewarding year! I adore so many gals I have met, Holly has some really great friends, we are in a wonderful playgroup that we both look forward to and I know some of these friendships will be for a long, long time!!!

Tomorrow I get to swear in our new board. Granted I am still on that board, as Vice President this year... but, it will be a different year! I am looking forward to the new challenges and fun that are coming my way and even more so... to the fun relationships that Holly is also building! It is great to see her grow and have friends that she thinks of daily, is giddy to see and misses when it's been to long! How much more can you ask for?

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