Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jammy Day

Monday Holly & I spent entire day in our Jammies... yep, Jammies! Sometimes we get going with stuff- errands, activities, entertaining, shopping, company - that I find it rare we get a free full day on the calendar that I can preserve for just a nothing day. Don't get me wrong, we are not over doing it -- but how often do you really have a full day of nothing? Not often. So, we took advantage of it, stayed in our jammies all day and played board games in the living room, watched a Winnie The Pooh movie, did lunch as a picnic in the living room and colored. It was fun!

Bryan came home and instantly commented that we were still in our jammies... Hmmm? Something needed to be done! We invited him instantly to join us & he did! After daddy was jammied up we continued with a fun, uninterrupted night of games, science experiments and fun... and some ice cream to boot!

What a fun day!

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