Sunday, June 22, 2008

Orting Trail Adventure

Pretty much every Saturday and Sunday we head out for a very early family walk, often times before 7:30am! It's a nice tradition for us to all enjoy together, get a nice stroll in, check out some nature and visit before we really take on our day. If it is too rainy, we might pass, but for the most part we are out & about. This morning we headed down to the Orting Trail and went for a gander.

Holly was allowed to bring her tricycle for the first time, which she thouroughly enjoyed! She kept up well and peddled almost the whole time - taking small breaks on our urging.

The Orting Trail can be fun because it passes a cow pasture and this time of year there are a lot of little babies. We also some horses being prepped for a walk (the let Holly pet one), some unique bugs & moths, loads of birds, an eagle and a muskrat in an offshoot stream -he was VERY cool to watch and we are sooo glad we brought out binoculars! It was a great morning!

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Elizabeth said...

You take such good pictures!