Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Little Funny Moment

Holly & I were driving through Fife yesterday on our way to pick up Daddy from work. She was very aware this was not our normal route, we had errands that put us on a different schedule. As we are driving through she is asking all kinds of questions on the names of parks, the houses, the buildings, the parks, etc... Very inquisitive. This part was kind of cute though --

Holly: Mommy, where are we?
Me: We are in Fife, a city.
Holly: What is Fife?
Me: A city like Puyallup.
Holly: I don't think this is Fife.
Me: No? Why is that?
Holly: I think this is Goose Bumps
Me: Goose Bumps? Why is this Goose Bumps and not Fife?
Holly: Becuase this road is really, really bumpy. So, it's Goose Bumps.
Me: > telling myself to NOT laugh <

So, if you are ever taking a short cut through the valley -- be sure to visit Goose Bumps :)

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