Friday, June 6, 2008

Longing for some *SUN*

Just a little!! That is really all we are asking for, just a little sunshine! We got a great teaser a few weekends ago and then bam - rain... rain... and yet, more rain! Even I, the one born & raised in Washington, am longing for sun! If the opportunity presented itself to move to sun... I think we would be all over it! (No need to worry!) But, I will admit Arizona sounds incredibly tempting!

Today after a morning cancelled due to rain, a mom who was just tired of being wet & cold (yesterday was a day in the rain) and a day of errands in the rain Holly announced that we need to go to the sun. She was serious, "Mom, can we go to the sun? I think I am tire of the rain now." When even your three year old is noticing the rain then you have to wonder if it's been too much!

Now don't get me wrong, we are not cooped up in the house when it rains - in fact we often make a nice muddy mess outside in the rain, take family walks in the rain and play in the grass in the rain -- you have to OR you'd never be outside!

Here are some fun photos of our smidge of sun that taunted us a few weeks ago - some classic fun in the sun!

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