Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Long Days of Summer

We are finally in full swing with sunshine, thank goodness! With this sunshine come the long, slow, fun days of summer for us all! The warm evenings seem to creep later and later for us. What once was Holly's bedtime (8pm) has slowly faded to an hour or so later, which is fine *if* she sleeps in, ha! The outdoors beckons us from the house and we answer the call!

It is so easy to fill our every waking moment with some kind of task or another - whether an activity or errand or the house. But, I am trying to make sure I really slow down and take advantage of this weather, for Bryan & I - but mainly for Holly! Spending a leisurely sunny day playing outside, alone or with friends, is what childhood is about. Treasuring the memories of running, giggling, swinging or simming with a popsicle dripping down her chin... I want her to remember that feeling! Stopping to hear the leaves rustle in the light breeze, chase a butterfly around the yard, inspect a bumble bee in the garden or soak up the sun. We just don't get to enjoy those small moments in life enough!

This past Spring I was toying with putting Holly into Dance for the summer and a sport, however I am glad I waited! I am glad she has time everyday to just be. Just be three! Enjoy her yard, her toys, her friends, our small travels and take in the memories! We'll hold off till fall to put something back in our schedules, in the mean time we will doddle the afternoon away outside, in the pool with popsicle juice running down our chins! Life doesn't get much better than that!

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Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Enjoy your summer. We are having great weather this season.