Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blueberry Picking & Garage Sales

What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! This morning we finished up some household stuff, like bottling beer with Bryan and then hit the road to find some garage sales! Typically by this time each year we are seasoned garage salers - this year we have not ventured to any. So, it was a nice treat to make a mocha and find some fun deals. Along the way we drove past a local blueberry farm, Linbo Blueberries, and could not help but notice the folks out picking. What a great idea for us as Holly loves blueberries!

So, we turned right around and grabbed some buckets. At first I wasn't too sure becuase many of the berries are just not ripe yet. We found a couple here and there, Holly was eating faster than we could pick them. We wondered around a bit and finally hit a good spot that inpsired us to keep going. Our initial goal was enough berries to make some blueberry pancakes for breakfast but after finding the good spot (or two) we picked 4lbs... yes, 4 lbs! We didn't even stop in to see how much per pound they were. Bryan asked me and I said well at the store they are like $4.00 for a pretty small container but sometimes on sale. At that point we stopped picking worried about the price. We brought them into the little shed and they sorted them on their berry sorter (cool machine!) and at that point I asked how much they were per pound. And, guess what -- they are only $1.75 a pound!!! Yeah! I have a strong sense we might try this again next weekend if things are ripe and ready to go! Oh, and the best part is they play classical music in the blueberry fields while you pick! It was so wonderfully fun!

We then resumed garage sales as Holly napped. Today's big find was books, books and more books... all for Holly! Funny thing is she has no idea we even have them as she was napping. What a fun surprise they will be! At one sale I found some excellent condition readers from 1938, 1958 and 1960 -- I love them! They are old school texts with lots of innocent short stories, fables, poetry, folk lore, etc... the illlustrations are simply wonderful! Cannot wait to read them! I then hit a great sale that was closing up. I had chose three books for Holly until the lady said a whole bag for a $1.00! Well, well... that changed things! I loaded that bad boy up - completely! All in all we brought home over 40 books for her!

So, that is how we spent another nice Saturday morning around town! Not bad entertainment for about $8.00!

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We are Family! said...

LOVE those kinda days!!! You will have plenty to read when the fall and cooler weather heads this way!