Monday, July 21, 2008

A week camping... Marymere Falls

We just returned from a nice long week of camping in Neah Bay at Hobuck Beach. We had a very fun time, enjoyed some local natural sites, had a great time and lot's of fun! Our week was spent enjoying a camp site near Grandma Annette & Grandpa Tex and their summer site. We spent time relaxing, flying kites on the beach, beach combing, tidepooling, hiking, relaxing, taking a boat ride and did I mention relaxing! We have tons of photos so I will break them into section of our trip and post them that way!

The ride out to Neah Bay is a long one but beautiful! We stopped along the way and did a small hike into Maymere Falls near Crescent Lake. Such a beautiful area, prestine and soothing to the soul. We stopped and took in the sites at Cresent Lake first and then hit the trail up to the falls. It was a nice smooth hike that end with a bit of an incline up to the falls. Holly enjoyed much of the natural play spaces along the way. Climbing roots, looking for animals, birds and bugs, walking falled logs, etc. Great day hike!

Bryan, Holly & I near Lake Crescent

Holly & I on a wooden bridge along the trail

Bryan & Holly having a little fun
Bryan, Holly, Annette & I at the top with the falls behind us.

Marymere Falls near Lake Crescent

Holly climbing a tree root area.

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