Monday, July 21, 2008

Hobuck Beach

Hobuck Beach is a pretty little coved like beach, clean, quiet, calm and enjoyable. We took a morning walk almost every day and plenty more walks along the way. Found some great little tidepools to one side that we explored and flew kites, well at least Holly & Bryan did. My attempt at our stunt kite was not pretty and Bryan couldn't understand why I was struggling... kite flying is not my strong point! Ha!

Our campsite was right near the beach with immediate access yet a wind block with some shrubbery. We had a little brown rabbit visit daily and some roaming dogs... yes, you read correctly - roaming dogs! Two of them were really very sweet ( I think they were still puppies) and visited us often. You could find them regularly sleeping in our site or under out trailer! Personally, I could of snuck them home with me... but, they were true beach bums!

Just arriving, the views from our site.

Bryan & Holly flying her little kite

Some great rocks offering wonderful little tidepools!!! FUN!

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