Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Little Ballerina

Holly started a small dance class last night that features ballet & tap. It was sooo cute to watch 10 little 3 & 4 year olds bee-bopping around the class in their cute outfits.... a moment that just makes you go "Awe, so cute!". Her teacher is a young gal from a local high school who has been in dance since 3 years old and competes & performs a lot. She is cute - but, as you would suspect with a 17 year old gal - she is not 'kid' savvy... as in how in the world can I control 10 preschoolers. Which honestly is enough to put anyone over the edge. But, I think she did great!

Holly had a blast and is very excited to continue with it. I love it because she *really* has to listen and use some control - a great skill to learn. She will also have to work a bit on her calmness, not giddy excitement. If she tends to continue liking this we may eventually move her to a studio in the area - but for now this is a great way to see how she does, if she really likes it or if this is just a phase. I am hoping she likes it - what a graceful art!

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