Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Station Tour

Yesterday we attended a fire station tour with our Moms Club. The kids had a great time and the fire crew were superb with the kids. They played some games that introduced stop, drop and roll -- vs just talking about it they had the kids act it out with a fire fighter, they learned how to crawl below smoke and touch a door with the back of your hand to test the heat. And a firefighter slowly dressed in his fire gear and explained it all to the kids, ensuring he was not scary in his uniform and explaining how it all works to protect him.

They took the kids out to through the station and their living quarters into the garage loaded with their fire vehicles. They shared their trucks, opened all the compartments and showed the types of gear they use. Then the kids all got to climb up into a truck and 'drive' it! Finally, they had a smaller hose all set up with cones and each child got their turn at using the hose with a fire fighter to knock down all the cones!

It was a great time! We had folks over last night and she told them all about her trip there, modeled the stop, drop and roll and how to touch a door and choose to go through it or the window -- honestly, I am pretty impressed with what she picked up from this trip! Now we need to do a good job of reinforcing it and keeping it in conversation! There is an upcoming emergency fair that we will take her to so that she can kind of hear all of that again and we will talk about our home and our plan, too! If you haven't done this, or at least recently done this... no better time than the present!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun tour! Your little girl is adorable.