Thursday, October 2, 2008

Been Tagged

This is my first 'tag' in cyber-blog land and it came from:!!!Wholarmor . The idea I think is that you have something fun to post on yourself that you might not normally and then you pass it on and invite others to participate... so, be glad you all don't either a) have blogs or b) you have hidden them from me!

1- Post these rules on your blog
2- Write six random things about yourself
3- Tag six people at the end... hmmm, who?
4- If your tagged, have fun!

1. I love being a SAHM!

2. I learned sign language in elementary school, had my special ed baby sitting certificate, cpr/first aid and took 25 hours of training in jr high. From this I obtained speciality baby sitting jobs with disabled and/or hearing impaired children for parents who normally wouldn't leave their children. It was incredible satisfying and rewarding, even at that young age - as a parent now, I reflect at what a gift those parents received!

3. I was Home Economic & ECE student of the year in my senior year, resulting in a scholarship -- all a surprise!

4. I will home school my daughter.

5. Crunchy toffee... is my favorite sweet treat ever!

6. I used to teach scrap booking classes!!!

I am off to tag my six friends

1 comment:

wholarmor said...

Good for you for taking part!
I also love being a homeschooling SAHM.

That's really cool that you were able to babysit for the hearing-impaired! I learned sign-language growing up, and I'm still trying to learn more. I have some deaf friends.

Take care!