Monday, October 6, 2008


Saturday night Holly spent a couple of hours with Uncle Don and Sarah while we headed down the hill to check out the Oktoberfest celebration at the fairgrounds. This celebration was really cool, fun and festive - of course. The newest pavilion was filled with folks, family activities, lots of really neat music, tons of wonderful smelling foods and of course... beer! A lot of beer!

We wanted to see what it was like and were pleasantly surprised - it was nice and pretty popular as there were a lot of folks there. The music was all of Scandinavian variety with some cool dancing. There were several beer bars featuring varieties of Oktoberfest beers and many food booths that had brats of any variety you can possibly imagine, Weinerschnitzel, stroganaff, german baked goods, etc... Good Stuff!

This was nice because it was close... much closer than our last attempt to take in an Oktoberfest celebration with our friends Ray & Devon. Back in our younger days (before kids) we met for dinner one night at Olive Garden where the wait was your typical hour to hour and a half long. We joked that we should head to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest... then that joke became a 'what the hell' moment. We loaded up and headed out at about 5 or 6 at night, no hotel reservations and not a lick of anything with us. It was fun trip over.

We arrived in town to find not a single hotel and to not find an Oktoberfest celebration but rather the Fall Leaf Festival. Oktoberfest was next weekend, oops! So, we tried several locations for a hotel with no luck and proceeded to head over to Wenatchee where we found a room to share and finally had dinner at Applebees - no comparison to Olive Garden, Ha! Oh well! We did spend the next day in Leavenworth and had a great day and a great memory!!!

Now when we leave town, we make sure we have a hotel reservation booked!

Anyhow, next year we would like to attend our local Oktoberfest again, with a good group of friends & family who enjoy good beer, fun music, a reason to celebrate and can enjoy a brat now and again. So.... we'll be in touch next year!


binders said...

Sounds like fun! I can relate to your last debacle- doing something spontaneously that didn't turn out like it was supposed to. Oh, the pre-kid days when that kind of spontenaity was possible.

Helena said...

That does sound like a memorable trip! (Yes, much easier before kids!)

wholarmor said...

Fun times in Leavenworth! We stayed there once. My aunt has a TrendWest membership, so she gave us her points.