Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bye Bye Cable

People who know us, know we don't watch much TV. In fact, we never had cable until we moved here - even then, it's only been a bit over a year that we have had it. But, in the past year many nights after Holly is in bed we have landed on the couch doing much of nothing, watching TV. Holly also lands on that couch from time to time to engage in some kid programs laden with commercials that are now tainting her requests for stuff -- that came on quick & early.

This past year or so, we have also slowed down with our hobbies & interests. It is so easy to get caught up in something on the TV or to use it as a 'Ugh, I am tired' moment - then bed time rolls around and once again... nothing done, at least not like you'd hoped to. I know I feel really bummed that my personal hobbies and artsy moments have really gone to the way side - I actually miss that part of me a lot right now. Bryan misses it in him too. And, I miss the little girl who never said "Can I watch TV?" which is a daily request in our home right now.

Now, don't get me wrong - we like TV and all that comes with it, but I miss us as a family before TV. So, we have made the choice to say bye-bye cable. As of tomorrow we are once again a cable free home. Sure we'll catch a bit of PBS programming (commercial free, thank goodness) and we love our library like no other! So, movies and shows will happen - we just have to think about it more, plan accordingly and hopefully limit ourselves. What I am most excited about is the idea we might just start back into some of our once loved hobbies... look out scrapbooks, here I come!

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sarahlee13 said...

Yay! That's good! We haven't had cable for years! It works out really good because while at home the kids can only watch what you want them to. The problem is when they go to others homes! And I'm slowly getting caught up with all the tv shows from the past I've missed from being too busy, but on my own terms now! Your right about loving the library! Ours has lots of newer movies and tv shows on DVD!