Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love to scrapbook!

Last Friday night I attended a crop night with some friends and family, a very nice treat! I could probably scrapbook daily, but that is just not realistic. And, speaking of realistic -- I am not the type to chronologically scrap our lives. I bounce around to what feels fun and interesting, yet they are still moments that are from our lives and ones I fell compelled to preserve. I scrapbook more for me, for the art of it and the feel of the papers and embellies... a love I have always had!

Anyhow, here are some not so great shots of the layouts I did last Friday night -- nothing fancy, but they are still enjoyable for me.


We are Family! said...

Thank you again Liberty for thinking of me and inviting me as always. I wish I could have joined you, I would love to feed off of your wonderful creativity! Robert was on call at the hospital. My life story!
I enjoy looking at your work! You inspire me! Someday I will get around to working on my scrapbooking! : )

Mary said...

My daughter just moved to Seattle with her family - I loved, loved, loved seeing your scrapbook pages. I thought you might be from Washington after seeing some of the pages and sure enough!! Your state looks so beautiful - I can't wait for her to get enough unpacked that she can start sending pictures. Anyway thanks for sharing and your pages are great!