Monday, October 20, 2008

Whew, Funfilled Weekend!

This weekend was a FUN one for us! Friday night started out with me getting to head out and scrapbook all night, one of my favorite things to do! Bryan and Holly stayed home to have a Daddy & Holly night where they enjoyed some fall leaf fun and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Fun night!

Saturday we filled our day with soccer in the morning, family stuff around the house, a visit from Grandma Annette and Uncle Adam and a celebration dinner for Kristina's birthday -- a busy, full day!

Then Sunday we headed for a family walk and some playtime at the playground and then headed down to the pumpkin patch, Spooners Farm. Here Holly enjoyed some kid play area, the search for the perfect pumpkin and more! I tried my hand at a pumpkin sling shot - my first time ever. We enjoyed this time with the Ross Family! We then headed out to a friends family Halloween Party which was a lot of fun! After that we wrapped up our weekend with dinner at Auntie Sue's -- good stuff!

That was a really quick wrap up - the photos are the fun part... so here you go!

Holly burried in leaves... fun with Daddy!
Holly & Mommy in the pumpkin house!
Daddy waiting while we picked the perfect pumpkin!
Holly taking a ride.
Holly took this photo... Yes, Holly! Great job kiddo!

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