Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Tape

This past weekend Bryan hunkered down at home and has been working like no other in our yard - actually he started last week and worked through last night. All while fitting in other bits of family time, stuff for Holly and visiting with me. He has been busy, busy, busy!

The Fall season is now upon us and his goal is to get things in shape before the weather changes... as I type this you can feel a light chill in the air and it is sprinkling. The reason things need to get 'in shape' is because we, mainly he, set all that aside to enjoy Summer with us! And, that we did! Although we didn't have any major 'family vacations' planned we enjoyed the lazy days of summer while playing, soaking up the sun, camping our weekends away, venturing into new regions of our state, spending time with family and creating some amazing memories together.

We watched Holly grow even more, enjoy the simple pleasures we often times forget and develop into the feisty yet sweet girl she is. All the while we spent ample time as a family, time I am so glad we had... and made for ourselves! Even though the yard became a bit shabby or house projects sat partially completed - we don't regret any of it!

In fact, this week as company teased Bryan (in good fun) about the blue tape dotting our new trim work... I smiled. In my head I was thinking just how wonderful he was to put that all on hold, for us! How he is not the kind to selfishly push through a project just to get it done for appearances sake - but rather he is the kind to stop and share himself with us. We are lucky that way!!! That blue tape can be there forever for all I care... I know someday it will be done!


wholarmor said...

You have a beautiful family! So glad you can spend quality time together!
I tagged you!
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We are Family! said...

How true Liberty! The kids grow to fast and the summers are WAYYYYYYY too short! Robert kinda did the same thing, busy, busy this last weekend getting some things done outside. Whatever needs to be done will be there when the rain and cold come and when the kids are grown! : ) Memories last forever and that is what the kids will remember! : )