Saturday, September 6, 2008

Meet The Girls

Most folks come over and don't realize we have cats... three of them! Due to Strawberry' escape capabilities we put all three critters away when company comes over. And, if you have children - we keep them out of harms way... meaning cat claws. So, if you have never met the girls - here they are in all their furry cuteness!

Strawberry is our famed escape artist! After spending years outdoors she longs for the warm sun... and who can blame her! But, since our neighborhood is not a cat friendly place she if forced to be caged in our home. Poor thing! She is our oldest cat, but she is still pretty fiesty - Riley brings that out big time! I would classify Strawberry as the head hancho of the house, but Riley is constantly challenging her... keeps her young & on her toes at all times! Strawberry is our friendliest cat, a lap cat in pure form. She has an abnormal obsession with Bryan and stalks him whenever he is home.

Huckleberry is our laziest furball although she started life out as a complete ball of fire, literally climbing the walls. In our first home we had a classic 1950's wood decor cut wall divider that Huckleberry spent many, many hours climbing and sleeping in, not on, but in. She has fashioned her way to sleeping, sleeping, eating and sleeping. But, come 8:00pm - she comes out of lurkdom for attention - and if you give it to her, she does NOT want you to stop. She swipes at you if you stop petting her... I mean how dare you stop petting her!

Riley is our dump cat. Yes, she was rescued from the local dump at a mere 4ish weeks old - we had to bottle nurse her, care for her and the such until she learned all those skills on her own. She is probably our neediest cat - for Bryan & I that is. If your name is Adam... she obviously has an inner resentment towards you, a good memory of torture as a kitten I am sure! Riley was almost named Dingleberry, but Bryan wouldn't let me - however, now that he knows her personality better he might be easily pursuaded, hah! Actually Riley is a big ol sweet pea, fun as all get out, plays fetch like a dog and will ONLY drink from a running fawcett never the water bowl - how primal is that... a waterbowl, hmph! So, if you ever hear whining in the bathroom or she stalks you as you head in - just turn on the water and she'll be happier than a clam!

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