Tuesday, September 2, 2008

36th Birthday...

This past weekend I spent celebrating my 36th birthday while camping with family - enjoying a full weekend of fun, kayaking and quadding! It was fun!!! The hard part of doing activities like kayaking or quadding is that you really don't want to take your nice camera with you in fear you'll get it wet or break it... so, we really never have photos of those activities. After this weekend I have come to the conclusion that I need to start carrying one of our older point & shoot digitals for this reason alone. So, hopefully some other moments in our lives will be recorded.

Highlights from the weekend though include taking our kayaks out for a spin. My sister in law Sue also came with us. We went over to Mason Lake and enjoyed the open waters. Even though the water creeped her out, mainly the logged filled wetland area, I think Sue had fun... and I hope that she will soon get a kayak to go out more often with us... HINT, HINT!
We hung around camp and visited, went for a few walks, took Holly to Lake Trask's annual kids carnival and ate loads of wonderful foods!
But, the highlight of my weekend was.... the blind, leading the blind! Yes, you read that right -- while quadding Sue was our lead - since we don't know the area well & she (supposedly) does! She took us all over as we had a blast. Then she ventured into a whole new area that kept getting farther and farther out, smaller and smaller trails... until she was lost. Yes, lost! We had already been out a long time and now we had no idea of where we were. After some dead end trails we found our way back out to a logging road that followed power lines. We took that for a few miles, the wrong way until it dead ended and then looped back finally crossing paths with familiarity. When Sue hit that spot - she stopped and looked at us and said "I am never doing that again, ever!". So, after about 3 1/2 hours we made our way back. We can laugh now, but I know we all had visions of walking back in the dark, LOL! It was fun though! Heck, I even went out the next day with her and let her lead again!

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