Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Puyallup Fair

Last night we headed down to enjoy our state fair! We are just up the hill from the fair and for weeks prior to the actual opening you can see changes happening around the fairgrounds, and considering we drive by the fair several times a week we witness these changes. Holly is always asking about then they are opening and when we are going... and informing me she wants to go on the big ol' wooden roller coaster (yeah, right!). It's pretty cute!

So, last night we enjoyed a fun night of rides, foods, games and farm animals! The fair through the eyes of a three year old... not much in terms of mom & dad seeing stuff we might want, but that's cool as we had fun seeing her have fun! It was really nice because we were able to meet up with some friends while there to visit and the kids enjoyed some rides together - a fun memory for them!

Holly had a blast and I think will be a big adventurer when it comes to rides... she has no fear of them from what we can tell. After all the kiddy rides we walked through the fairway into the big kid rides and I kid you not - she really wanted to ride many of them. Of course that did not happen but to see her interest is... well, yikes! I have some serious fears to overcome before we get there I guess or even before we head to Disney!

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