Saturday, September 27, 2008

Visiting RP

This afternoon I took Holly out to the horse stables & arena to see her Auntie Blayne show. Blayne has been showing for almost three years now through 4-H and loves it!!! We have not been able to make it to a show that she is in - timing has not been in our favor. So, this weekend she in our neck of the woods showing outside of 4-H and we headed on over to see her. She is amazing is all I can say! Granted I have a fear of this large animal - but, honestly Blayne is so natural and performs well!
Holly had a blast watching her show, seeing her horse (RP) and being around all of the bustle. While we were there Blayne placed in one second, two first and a champion, YAY! Holly also enjoyed the endless stream of suckers coming from Grandpa Skip... hmph! He then wondered why she was so attached to him for the afternoon --- I wonder? He loved, you could tell!!!

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