Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dutch Oven Cooking & More Camping

This summer we purchased a dutch oven after several years of talking about it. Our first big trip the boys really tried their hand at cooking in it, on it and with it - we did tons of food in it and for the most part it was all good! Clean up from a dutch oven is work though... and so are all those big meals! So, we took a small break from the dutch oven camping - however we did have a breakfast gathering a week or so ago with the Ross family over fresh blueberry pancakes off the oven.. they were perfect!

This past weekend we headed out camping one final time with a bunch of different families and Bryan decided he wanted to do some more dutch oven cooking. He has perfected the pancake with fresh blueberries. Now we needed to try something new. We went for enchiladas and they were really good! Pretty easy too! Definately a keeper for our camp food catalog!

We went camping up at Kanaskat Palmer state park again with a bunch of families. It was fun to get away and the weather was absolutely beautiful for it! We ventured on a couple of small hikes around camp for some great river views, picked berries, some a big ol' snake, picniced with all of our friends and enjoyed a bit of time at the river too! Holly loved it because she had her friends to share the weekend with! Overall, another fun weekend!

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