Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying to be Frugal

Well, I have rediscovered the beauty of couponing, freebies and the such.

As a child I clearly remember helping to clip coupons or better yet, unearth them from the community bin at the local grocery store... fun times, fun times! (Kidding Mom!) Well, I guess those skills have finally resurfaced and have found their way to my shopping style. Which of course makes Bryan a very happy camper!

The beauty is that now a days you can find most of these tips and resources on line - easier, quicker and cleaner than the community coupon bin at Mark N Save. However, when I search the trenches of online savings - I find it relevant to several stores we do not have in the PNW or relevant to the land of doubling coupons... which once again, we do not have in the PNW.

So, I am going to attempt a local home grown version of frugality - minus the famed store "CVS" or doubling & tripling coupons... but rather using the resources we have with the stores we have. As well, I will share various tips I have learned or experienced to save a buck, freebies you can find, local attractions and more.

Where can you see all of this? At a new blog I am just starting (meaning give it some time to build up, please!). Share the word if you know anyone looking to be frugal or if you are not that type of person use it for pure enjoyment of laughing at my cheap ways!

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