Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun @ Home

Some of you may know we plan to home school Holly, some of you may not... if you didn't, you do now! We spend a lot of time at home doing fun projects, themed days and the such. Each week we meet with several friends and experience a coop preschool day with the kids - we have a lot of fun each week. Our theme over the next couple weeks is 'All About Me' so today Holly & I also started this as a theme for at home. Today we worked on her favorite color - orange!

She did a big collage on orange out of several magazine clippings she found. Cutting up my magazines was a fun task and one she had to ask several times "Is this okay Mommy?" - I had to clarify it was okay with these 10 magazines only, ones we will use for school projects. Everything she clipped was orange and we worked on our scissor skills. She also practiced writing her 'O' and the word orange a few times. We sang a color song on orange, blended paint to make orange and she enjoyed an orange snack (orange yogurt, cheddar cheese and orange Fruit Loops). The morning was finished with her making her own play dough colored with orange Koolaid - smelling like orange and looking orange.
Not a bad way to spend enjoying your favorite color - right? Especially if it's all in fun!


We are Family! said...

You are truely one of the most talented people I know! Sounds like a FUN day! How lucky Holly is to have a Mom as neat and fun as you!! : )

binders said...

Wow. Now I REALLY feel like a slacker Mom! It's great to see you enjoying your dd so much. I'm sure you'll do a great job homeschooling her.