Thursday, September 11, 2008

In The Air...

Although the sun has been gracing us a lot lately with really warm temps, I can feel Fall in the air. Each morning the car seems to have a thicker and thicker wet dew on the windows, the air has a nice crisp chill and the birds are very active at the feeders. Each night at dinner we have witnessed the slow migration patterns of Canadian Geese as we sit out side. All small indicators that Fall is just moments away!

I have also started to fight the urge to decorate for Fall... just a few more days and then I'll cave - I can feel it! Pumpkins have shown up at the market and it has taken all resistance to get just one, one small pumpkin to welcome Fall. But, I have held out for now. I am trying to exercise patience and slow down to enjoy these beautiful days, the summer moments and the butterflies & flowers before they fade.

This weekend we are hitting the campground for a final camping trip. The weather looks amazing for us too. We'll enjoy a fun weekend with friends, smores over the fire and a final break out of Holly's swim gear to enjoy the refreshing water. Then next weekend we are heading out to visit Bryan's aunt in Oregon. A pretty drive and his old stomping grounds. We will also be enjoying a local amusement park with Holly - should be fun! Our last to hurrah before we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall.

Wishing you all a wonderful farewell to Summer -- enjoy these final days of sunshine and fun.

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