Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pacific Science Center

We met up with friends to enjoy the Pacific Science Center in Seattle yesterday. Holly enjoyed playing her way through the science center exploring bugs, enjoying a children's presentation in the planetarium, touch tanks, water tables, hands on gadgets, dinosaurs, the beautiful butterflies and some water exhibits outside! This museum is chalked full of great things to enjoy... too much to do in a day for sure! A perfect day of fun!!!

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Ariana said...

I like reading your blog but man does it make me homesick!
Maybe someday I'll move back there and enjoy the rain and all that green. *sigh*

I went to the Pacific Science Center only once and I was already a teenager and I still thought it was all so cool. I've always wanted to go back. I'm hoping to take my kids the next time I'm visiting.

That picture of Holly touching the bug made me feel squirmy. I hate bugs. I always grit my teeth when my kids want to touch or hold a bug. lol