Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Park Days

Many days are spent at the park, alone and with friends! Holly has a few favorites around town - one being Decoursey Park... it has ducks. We often meet up with friends there, the kids play and the ducks enjoy a great meal of bread bits. Holly gets to enjoy not just a play structure but a bit of nature through small nature walks too.
Last week we met some really good friends for an afternoon of play. We took a small walk around the pond as the kids all fed the ducks. To our delight there were some pretty little ducklings - a treat indeed!
This pond has a white goose that can come across as pretty mean. On this day a gentleman was hanging out this goose, yes hanging out. When we went by I talked with the man and he showed me how to feed this particular goose from my hand -- and amazingly the goose was not mean at all... misunderstood maybe, but not mean! While we have never been mean to it I am certainly planning on being a lot nicer to the little guy.

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