Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hangar Inn & Park Day

Yesterday we joined some friends for breakfast a great little place in town called the Hangar Inn. I have never been, keep meaning too - just never works out or we forget. Anyhow, the Hangar Inn is located next to the Pierce County airport, along the air strip. While you enjoy your meal their are planes and choppers coming and going... it was GREAT! And, even better - the food was pretty good too! After a nice lunch we spent the afternoon at the park with some really good friends. The kids played a lot, we went for a walk and enjoyed some great weather!

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Ariana said...

That looks like the perfect day. I love the idea of having lunch while watching the planes. That's brilliant.

I love Holly's pigtails. She looks so cute. Seeing her outfit makes me miss Washington so much. The layers, sweaters, pants... gosh I hate shorts and tank tops! lol