Monday, August 9, 2010

Northwest Trek

Today we spent the morning and afternoon out at Northwest Trek with a bunch of friends. This is a wonderful park that is very natural and filled with native animals. A family favorite.
We started our time out on the tram that ventures through an open range portion of the park. Today was a great day out on the tram as we saw every single kind of animal that is living out in this area. A favorite of ours were the bison and the moose, such glorious animals. As well, it was a real treat to see many baby deer throughout the range area... many still with their little white spots, so sweet!

After the tram ride, lunch and some play time we then toured the park area where we enjoyed some very active wolves, beaver, a baby porcupine and more! We also enjoyed a couple of talks hosted in the park. One was on the screech owl and the other on mallard ducks, which amazingly was very interesting! It was a really nice day.

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