Monday, August 16, 2010

Hause Creek ~ 3rd Day

On Friday we all headed up to catch a guided tour at Boulder Cave. The naturalist on site was wonderful with our group and she was amazing with all the children. We all gathered up into our large group and ventured out on this easy hike up to Boulder Cave while she taught about the area, trees, animals, rocks and history of the caves in the area. The cave was amazing!!! I am not sure anyone with us had really seen a cave or been in one before, so it was really appreciated by us all. The rock structures were just beautiful and stunning. Being in the cave was a bit unreal - so dark and natural. The smell, the moisture, the coolness... you could just take it all in. We all turned the flashlights off at one point while in the darkest part of the cave... you could not see a thing, at all! The naturalist did not allow photos inside the cave so unfortunately I have no photos inside of it, this was to protect the bats that nest inside.
After our wonderful outing to the Boulder Cave area we headed back to camp a different route... via a forest service road. A long, BUMPY forest service road! We have really come to love doing this thanks for our friends introducing it to us - however, this road was on the verge of to harsh on our car I think (at least for us only owning one vehicle). Even though it was a rough ride, it was stunning! The trip was just scattered with amazing views of the various mountains, valleys, hills and towns -- simply stunning! Our hope was to come across more animals as it wrapped into the elk preserve, however the weather was just too hot for animals. A rattle snake was found along the way though... a first for us. They are really loud. A fun journey!

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