Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Zoo Day

Having some fun in the toy area!!!
Yesterday we decided to head to the zoo as we really wanted to get out side, move around some and do something as a family. So, we headed to the Point Defiance Zoo - which was really quiet... perfect! I almost feel like we had to the zoo to ourselves. We packed a nice hot lunch of soup, bread and a few snacks and headed out dressed warmly. The animals were pretty active for the most part or at least right where you can see them up close and personal - not the tiger.

The two parts that stood out though was the polar bear as it was so playful and active. It was wonderful to enjoy watching him for some time. But, the best natural part was the second tiger. He was pacing his area, over and over. Suddenly he stops and crouches down, into a stalking form. Well, if you looked over outside his cage you could see the tops of bamboo moving. We thought it must be a caretaker, however no one arrived. We waited and watched as this tiger continued to stalk that corner, hunkered down he slowly creeped over to the edge of his space and was ready to pounce.
So, we peeked to see exactly what he was doing this too, and it was a.... child!!! *yikes* Someone had misplaced their kid (about 5) and he was playing off the path in the bamboo patch near this tigers home and this tiger was full on stalking him wanting desperately to pounce I am sure. It was so natural and instinctual. While really cool it was a tad creepy too. Certainly made my day. We wandered over and I asked where his family was and he took off - we saw he was reunited, but what they didn't know is that their son was being stalked by a tiger. Eeek!
Anyhow, on to some photos:

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The Mama said...

She is so cute! That looks like so much fun! I'd love to see polar bears!

That's FREAKY about the tiger stalking the little boy. I would lose my mind if I couldn't find one of my kids at the ZOO!