Monday, January 12, 2009

Counting Coins

Our local library offers various educational boxes that you can check out for two weeks. Themes range from sea life to farm animals, weather to transportation as well they have a few Leap Frog branded activity boxes you can borrow. We borrowed a box that contained the Leapster... and Holly was hooked.

This was a few weeks before Christmas, actually a day before we left for Leavenworth which was perfect timing to bring along a hand held computer game. After just a couple of days Holly was ready to change her entire Santa wish list in for a Leapster... good thing Santa already had received Holly's letter though. Then she said she would use her 'bank money' for one. We shared with Holly that she would have to wait until after Christmas before we would talk about a Leapster game.

That did not leave Holly's brain at all.

Within a few days of Christmas she brought it up again. I reminder her that we would need to wait and talk with Daddy and I also said maybe we could wait for a while. So, in a couple weeks she once again brought it up - this time prepared to ask Daddy and ask to use her Christmas money. Smart girl for 3 1/2!

Well, we did some research and said yes to a Leapster2. She counted out her coins that she received from Christmas from Grandpa Hawk and we rolled them out, brought them to the bank for bills and then headed to the store.

Holly is now the proud owner of a pink Leapster2. We let her choose one game to start and she chose a Diego game. The Leapster also has a neat little art program in it and another little game, but the art game seems to be her favorite so far.

Through this whole process we really talked about her money, saving some, spending some and the lessons that can come with that at her age. Overall, I am pleased because I think she learned a lot through her whole coin counting and bank transaction. In the mean time... happy playing!

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