Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding Balance

This past weekend Hawk pulled out some old photos and ephemera to share. In it we found a newspaper article about Bryan and an old hobby of tying fishing flies and selling them when he was a teen. The author had made a quote similar to "Bryan's hobbies have outgrown his wallet" - which caught him. Reading the article it was actually quiet amazing to see how Bryan was pretty true to who he was then and who he has become. He set the article down and mentioned two things (things I also noted) - 1) "This was good, I know who I am and have not waffled on that" (which is true!) and 2) "My hobbies still surpass my wallet"... again, true!

However, it has really made me think about the hobbies portion and finding balance! I think we have a lot of hobbies or beginnings of hobbies we both enjoy - and fitting those into the everyday is important and hard. Important because those hobbies help make us who we are and neither of us wants to pass that up. Important because recognizing we each need our own personal time to explore our interests is healthy. Important because this helps make us stronger people and in essence a stronger family unit. Important because we want to role model our individuality to Holly and have her appreciate that. Important that we don't pass on our loves in life and change for the other, but stay true to who we are. Important because... well, it is just fun!

Now it is also hard because you have to fit those hobbies into life, daily life - make a point to sometimes schedule it in. Hard because sometimes you are asking the other to give you that space and time; and you might feel bad about that. Hard because sometimes, at least for now, your hobbies may not include Holly. Hard because we stretch finding the actual space to store our hobbies, enjoy our hobbies and expand & explore our hobbies. Hard because you want to encourage the other in their hobbies which sometimes take from your own, especially in cost. Hard because you have to find a balance!

We do a good job of finding balance I think. We have always made it a point to enjoy our life with our united interests and unique interests, not just constantly head out for the mutual family day as our only source of entertainment or fulfillment, but rather to head out and enjoy our time alone or with a hobby companion. And, yet we appreciate all these moments the same - family and alone! Funding these hobbies, well that is something I suppose all folks ponder. But, we do make it a priority and that is good - I'd much rather have our enjoyments in hobbies than a new kitchen counter, microwave or the latest in home decor. We find peace in that, others may not get that, but we do -- a weird agreement we enjoy! Also, I want to see Holly grow and experience our hobbies with us, get her feet wet in them and stretch to pick up her own. It is exciting to think of her interests and how they will grow into a new passion... one more we'll have to fit into our balance, fund and create personal time for. Should be a fun journey, who knows maybe we'll pick up a new hobby along the way!

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