Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Fun & New Toys

This past weekend we decided to head over to Anderson Island and visit with Hawk - as well, we kayaked. It was cold, really cold - but we hit the water and enjoyed a peaceful trip around the lake together - what a nice treat!!! It is not too often we get a few moments together, but to get those moments doing something we both enjoy a lot is really nice!

We also added some new technology to our home. First of all I finally have my new camera lens - I am soooo excited! I can't wait for some good weather to get out and use it. Of course it has been super foggy and you can't do to much with that. We have also finally added a camcorder to our household. We can record our family for fun memories - too exciting. We have been playing with that already and recording some fun stuff! Holly has taken a liking to the camcorder and wants to see her footage... a movie star in the making? Ha! And finally, we have a new TV - yes a new TV. Very un-Pierce like... but it is true! It is pretty too!

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